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How to choose a good hostel

The growing popularity of the hostel business gives rise to a lot of offers that can be difficult for a novice traveler to understand. In large cities, the number of hostels available can be overwhelming. These five simple tips will help you not to get lost in this variety and choose what really suits you.

1. Location

This is the first thing they usually pay attention to when choosing a place of residence in a foreign city. Much also depends on the purpose of the trip. If you just travel or attend a cultural, musical, sporting event, then it makes sense to choose a hostel that will be located closest to concert venues, stadiums, key city attractions. If you come for work or business, then choose the one that is closest to the place of business trip. Choosing a hostel in a residential area sometimes makes sense because of the price (it can be lower than for hotels located in the city center). However, it's worth calculating how much the hostel will be far from the places you want to visit, because transport costs may exceed the potential savings on accommodation.

2. Complex of services

Regardless of the purpose of your trip, you will surely want to spend it comfortably. Therefore, when choosing a hostel, consider what range of services it can provide you, such as a shower, an affordable kitchen, the presence of household appliances (washing machine, iron), internet access, or a reliable left-luggage office. Other services can be optional - private vehicle transfers, TV, breakfast (free or paid), cultural evenings and so on. If the purpose of the trip is to get acquainted with culture, people, get interesting experience, then choose a hostel that organizes various events - Pub crawls, film screenings, day or multi-day excursions, or theme parties for example.

3. Convenience of communication

It is advisable that the hostel has its own official website and several groups in different social networks. There you can get acquainted with all the services, read reviews, and book online reservations. Mandatory must be specified phones, email address, and a physical address. 

4. Convenience of payment

It is recommended that the hostel provide the opportunity to pay in various ways - In cash, by card, online. Information about this should be indicated on the website. This approach indicates that the hostel appreciates the client and is professional in their work.

5. Security

Most hostels value their prestige and strictly monitor security. Do not think that this is a kind of overnight stay for criminal elements. Many hostels have security, doors for the night must be closed. Some people don't even practice checking in at night (remember this and agree on the choice of hostel and check-in with the time of your arrival). For guests there should be a special left-luggage office with an individual key. In addition to the guard, the duty manager should remain in the hostel for the night.

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