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What is the difference between a hostel and a hotel?

Are you an energetic and easy-going person, love traveling and are able to accept the unexpected invitation of friends to go to another city or country?

Traveling in a big company and want to rent one room for you and your group?

Are you traveling and want to meet new people?

Going on a business trip and looking for budget housing with comfortable conditions?

Then a hostel is exactly what you need! 

This foreign word is used to call mini-hotels, budget hotels, where you can rent a separate room or a bed in a multi-bed dorm.

In a hostel for a modest price you are guaranteed to have a roof over your head and a bed to sleep on. Other amenities - such as an ensuite bathroom, a TV, a fridge, a wardrobe, the ability to use household appliances - depend on the hostel and the amount you are willing to pay for comfort.

How is a hostel different from a hotel?

Hostel differences from the hotel

Modest living conditions sufficient to spend one or several nights;

The ability to rent a bed in a multi-bed dorm or the whole room for a large number of your friends;

A special friendly atmosphere shared with other travelers from around the world;

Low cost of living, such as being able to cook your own meals (If the hostel has its own kitchen).

Hostels quite successfully compete with conventional hotels and B&Bs, representing a cross between them. For the most part, the inhabitants of hostels are young people, socially active layers of the population (travelers, musicians, artists, sports teams, etc). The difference between hostels among themselves is quite large and therefore, in an effort to reduce living expenses during the trip, it will be advisable to clarify the number of people in the same room as you, the presence of a wardrobe or a bathroom in the room, mixed gender dorms or female-only dorm, whether bed linen, towels and other household issues are included in the payment may be important to you.

The main difference between a hostel and a hotel!

How the hostel differs from the hotel

The main distinguishing feature of a hostel, in addition to its affordability, is the friendly atmosphere of the people staying there. Here you do not just have the opportunity to chat and meet new people - the hostel is even considered a good form to start a conversation with a visitor by asking where he or she is from and what the purpose of the trip is. In addition to multi-bed rooms, the hostels often have spacious living rooms where guests gather in the evenings for friendly gatherings.

However, not everyone is ready to share a room with other travelers, and for such guests modern hostels offer private rooms. Of course, in this case, accommodation costs will be more expensive, but if the presence of personal space is important for you, it makes sense to pay more for the sake of comfort.

Hostels are often located in historic centers or close to train stations, which further reduces the time and cost of moving around the city.